The key to the success of a corporate entity is an unfaltering dedication to its philosophy and core values. NuStar has entered the world of consumer products with grace, determination, and drive. Coming into the market with a passionate team, NuStar begins its journey to become a success story. NuStar will embark on a never-ending quest to reincarnate the character of the HSA Group (www.hsagroup.com) and continue to uphold its stellar standards in the consumer products universe. We will continue to conquer any challenges we face with honor, intelligence, and nobility, and make sure our consumers are always reaching for the goodness.


To deliver a meaningful contribution to the lives of our consumers, customers, team, shareholders and society with an ingredient of goodness. Making goodness integral to our mission, vision, strategy and execution.


Be renowned as a customer centric company with core focus on consumer products with an element of goodness.


We settle for nothing but excellence. It’s not just a mission, it’s a mantra. To achieve our Vision of blending goodness in everything we do, our Mission is:

  • Source with Care.
  • Serve with Passion.
  • Create Gain and Value.
  • Enhance and Enrich.

With the above mentioned, we pledge our responsibility towards our associates, our shareholders and society.